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Automate Your Banking & Save!

a person using an ATM machine in a bank

Saving money can be tough, especially when you're juggling a lot of expenses monthly.

But what if you could automate your savings in just a few clicks? You can make saving a breeze with the help of your bank and some cool online tools.

Many banks offer automatic transfers between checking and savings accounts, so you can set up a regular transfer based on your needs.

For example, you can set a transfer to happen each time you get paid, so you won't even miss the portion transferred into your savings account. Some banks even allow you to set a specific savings goal and track your progress along the way.

Banking cards such as Neofinancial's secured Mastercard can help build savings and provide you with cash-back on purchases. And KOHO's secured Mastercard has powerful savings tools such as Roundups and the Vault. Simple and easy. **

But that's not all – there are many online tools that can help you automate your savings and stay on track. Downloadable apps like Mint, Rocket Money and YNAB can link to your bank accounts and help you stay on top of your finances.

They can help you create a budget and track your spending so you always know where your money is going.

And pretty much every bank offers an automatic savings feature that will round up your purchases and put the extra cash into a savings account.

And don't forget about the power of automation for paying bills and reducing debt. With online bill pay, you can set up automatic payments for your bills and avoid late fees.

By automating those monthly payments you'll never miss one. That will help build up your credit score! By automating your savings, bills, and debt payments, you'll have more time to focus on the things that matter most, like spending time with loved ones and enjoying your life.

So take advantage of your bank's automatic transfer options and online tools to make your financial life a little easier and a lot more manageable.

** want some free money? Sign up for KOHO's free secured Mastercard and they'll give you $20 just for doing so (use the code provided to get that free moolah!): 8L22E12F

Good luck with your finances and don't forget to talk to your bank to find out how you can automate your savings.


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