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Student Loan Debt


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The concept behind Debt Detox Advisors is simple: To provide information to anyone dealing with personal debt issues in Canada.

Our hope is that you will find ways here to improve your financial situation and prosper in the future. As this site evolves we will add additional pages and elements, including links to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), service providers and other essential resources to help you on your rebuilding journey.

We will also be reviewing products designed to help those struggling with debt pressures, such as the KOHO Secured Mastercard and this month's reviewed product:  The Clever Fox Budget Planner Pro. 

Please let us know, using the submission form below, if you'd like to see any topics covered or issues discussed.  We hope to see the community utilizing this site grow over time.  

Debt Detox Advisors is written by content creators with more than 20 years of insolvency and debt counselling experience - no question is out of bounds.  Please reach out to us with your enquiries and queries. A form to fill out and send to us with your questions appears at the bottom of this page.


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The Clever Fox Bi-Weekly Budget Planner


This powerful tool helps you set financial goals and take control of your spending. 

The Clever Fox line of budget planners come in a range of sizes and capabilities.  We tested out their hardcover Budget Planner PRO, which offers 12 months of budget planning,a monthly budget review, a financial goal tracker and an annual progress tracker.   


The page layout was excellent and the included mindmap and goal-setting prompts were easy to follow.  There's a rear pocket for receipts and even some cool stickers to attach to specific entries or pages.  Clever Fox even provides 5 cash envelopes so you can divvy up your funds into specific categories (rent, groceries, etc) and easily control your spending.


Fun (and easy) to use and powerful as well.  Highly recommended.

Order your copy of the Clever Fox Budget Planner from today or directly from the Clever Fox people themselves.

We do not receive any financial remuneration for this product review.  

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